Wonderful Folktakes

Dorji Wangdi: Wonderful Folktakes
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Wonderful Folktales is the collection of four folktales from Bhutan and also the happiest country in the world.

Exploring a range of genres, each story enters the world of a unique character. In the story, 'The Orphan Boy', the boy's fortune changes after he saves a snakelet. The snakelet takes him to his father, who is the serpent king of the water world. The king rewards him with a diseased dog which proves to be a blessing in disguise; it transforms into a beautiful girl. He marries the girl, and the skin of the dog provides everything they wish.

In the story 'Aunt Hen and Fox', the fox is sly and tries to eat the hen, but she turns out to be as clever. She salvages herself from the clutches of the wicked fox until one day she lays an egg and keeps her last wish. The egg avenges the fox. His friends, Mr. Bee, Needle and Cane helped him to annihilate the fox.

The story, 'Yeti and Its Revenge', takes place in a Himalayan forest. The two semi-nomadic hunters kill the mother yeti and her baby. Father Yeti roams the village for revenge. The villagers chase the hunters from their village. Father Yeti follows them. They shoot poison arrows and Yeti attacks them.

In the story 'The Woodcutter Who Hated Trees', the main character is arrogant and least bothered about the repercussion of his deeds. Later, he realizes he cannot survive without trees. It shows negative impacts on the lives of the villagers. So, he restores the forest.

Wonderful Folktales offers a surprise at every turn with a great sense of humor. Each story is between 400 and 500 words long.

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