When God Happens - True Stories of Modern Day Miracles (Unabridged)

Angela Hunt, Bill Myers: When God Happens - True Stories of Modern Day Miracles (Unabridged)
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There are people among us who have experienced real documented moments of divine intervention-moments when the miraculous hand of God briefly revealed itself. Now these witnesses are sharing their testimonies in When God Happens, edited by bestselling authors Angela Hunt and Bill Myers. Listen to their riveting first-hand accounts of medical healing, angelic visitation, and demonic possession, and you will be astonished, moved, and inspired. "The purpose of these stories is not to exploit the sensational," Hunt and Myers tell us in their introduction. "Nor is it to say that those who experience the miraculous hand of God are somehow special or more loved than the rest of us. No. We simply want to take the handcuffs off God to reveal more of who He is. We want to encourage others by revealing that there are no laws of physics or science a loving God must follow to exercise His love."

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