Vampire Hunting Isn't for Morons

Th Chronicles of Cassidy Book 5

ID Johnson: Vampire Hunting Isn't for Morons
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Walking around in other people's heads can get messy, especially if those people are vampires.Learning that I have the powers to read vampires' minds might make me an invaluable part of the LIGHTS team, but it's a lot to swallow, especially now that I've moved to Kansas City full-time. I miss my friends, my parents, my old life, but I'm also excited about what's to come.Sometimes, it's hard for me to tell which of my sides is the true me, the hunter or the vampire, and it just takes one tricky hunt to get me all off kilter. Can I get myself back together again before my sister Cadence needs me to help rescue our cousin in Melbourne, or should my team be worried that the vampires have infiltrated me?My name is Cassidy Findley, and this is my life as a teenage Vampire Hunter.The Chronicles of Cassidy is a retelling of The Clandestine Saga specifically for middle grade through high school readers told from the perspective of high schooler Cassidy Findley.

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