Tonight in the Rain

kousik Adhikari: Tonight in the Rain
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 What is poetry? Poetry is wish, it is prayer and it is life. This collection includes poems mainly on the salts of life and if there are some sugar coats that often vanish when the life becomes on And ultimately if it is possible why life is called life and if not why love is called love. 



In Your Town

I was in your town

Recklessly wandering

Under the scheming shadows of palaces,

Towers, house of moons, evenings of nights,

Grasses, have you seen my footprints?

May I be unseen from balconies?

Behind of the windows, dozing doors,

I have touched all the petals of gardens,

Every corner of titanic roads, shadows cornering the heart of the city,

Every glass of silent busses, sounds,

All wandering telephone booths,

May I be not heard

In those countless webs of

Satanic sounds in your town, moving, fuming in archaic symbols like delights,

Hallo! Dear Silent Bird,

Am I unseen

In your nest?

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