Tia Sharp - Murder in Croydon

Anna Prowse: Tia Sharp - Murder in Croydon
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The murder of Tia Sharp in 2012 was such a sad and grim tale that even hardened court reporters were left shaken and upset at the conclusion of the Old Bailey trial.

There were two main questions most people had in relation to this terrible case. The first is why Tia's family trusted Stuart Hazell and allowed him to become her babysitter at weekends.  The second question concerned the baffling inability of the police to investigate the loft in the house that Hazell shared with Tia's grandmother Christine. Why was Hazell so trusted by Tia's family? How much did the police suspect Hazell? Did the support of the Sharp family make Hazell less suspicious to the police? Was he always destined to kill Tia? What actually happened the night she died?

All of these questions and many more will be examined and discussed in Tia Sharp - Murder in Croydon. 

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