Three Little Words

How breast cancer made me a better, kinder person

Vicki Culverhouse: Three Little Words
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"I'm standing at the reception desk of the breast clinic on Christmas Eve. Oddly, I'd not really had much head space to even think about the joys of Christmas with the biggest lump known to man festering away inside my boob."

On Christmas Eve 2015, Vicki Culverhouse's life shuddered to a halt when, completely out of the blue, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. A business owner and single mum to two teenage boys, she didn't have time for chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy, and the hundred and one alien things that come with a cancer diagnosis.

With an unfaltering sense of positivity and dark humour, this book charts Vicki's journey from her first appointment at the breast clinic to the final stages of her recovery. It's a journey that takes no prisoners. Between the friendship reshuffles, head shaving and chemo brain, she's forced to ask herself some crucial questions. Is a group email an acceptable way to tell people you have cancer? Will it ever be socially acceptable to talk about bowel movements? Does cancer really turn you into the most boring person in the world?

A personal look at how even the scariest situations can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

Warning: This book contains strong language and is intended for mature readers.

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