The Yellow Fevered

Chinese Stories from a Laowai Studio

Daphne Arfarda: The Yellow Fevered
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Eleven short stories about modern China, written by a disillusioned and humorous Westerner observer in February 2020. The stories display a wide range of genres (satyrical vignettes, supernatural tales, essays, journals), appealing to even the most demanding reader; and what's best, they're short. Yellow fever: "Slang term used to mock non-Asian males who have a clear sexual preference for Asian women." (

Why is the author concealing himself with a pseudonym? In adopting a nom de plume I merely intend to safeguard myself from retaliation: not being blacklisted by the Party is one good point when your life is in the irritable and sweaty hands of Chinese government. The guy looks to be in trouble.

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