James Fenimore Cooper: The Wing-and-Wing; Or, Le Feu-Follet

James Fenimore Cooper: The Wing-and-Wing; Or, Le Feu-Follet
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The Wing-and-Wing; Or, Le Feu-Follet is a historical maritime-adventure novel by James Fenimore Cooper. Excerpt: "It was now night; but a starry, calm, voluptuous evening, such as are familiar to those who are acquainted with the Mediterranean and its shores. There was scarcely a breath of wind, though the cool air, that appeared to be a gentle respiration of the sea, induced a few idlers still to linger on the heights, where there was a considerable extent of land that might serve for a promenade. Along this walk the mariner proceeded, undetermined, for the moment, what to do next. He had scarcely got into the open space, however, before a female, with her form closely enveloped in a mantle, brushed near him, anxiously gazing into his face. Her motions were too quick and sudden for him to obtain a look in return; but, perceiving that she held her way along the heights, beyond the spot most frequented by the idlers, he followed until she stopped."

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