The Wild Swans – እታ ጓል በረኻ ማይ ደርሆ (English – Tigrinya)

Bilingual children's picture book based on a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen

Ulrich Renz: The Wild Swans – እታ ጓል በረኻ ማይ ደርሆ (English – Tigrinya)
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Bilingual children's picture book (English – Tigrinya)

The Wild Swans' by Hans Christian Andersen is, with good reason, one of the world's most popular fairy tales. In its timeless form it addresses the issues out of which human dramas are made: fear, bravery, love, betrayal, separation and reunion.

The edition at hand is a lovingly illustrated picture book recounting Andersen's fairy tale in a sensitive and child-friendly form. It has been translated into a multitude of languages and is available as a bilingual edition in all conceivable combinations of these languages.

► NEW: With pictures to color! A download link in the book gives you free access to the pictures from the story to color in.

ብ ኽልተ ቝንቃኣ ምጼሓፍ ናይ ቆልዕት (እንግሊዝ – ትግርኛ)

እታ ጓል በረኻ ማይ ደርሆ ብ ህንስ ክርስትያን ኣንድረሰን ካብቶም ብጽቡቕ ምኽንያትን ኣብ ዓለም ብሰፉሑ ካብ ዝተነበባ ዛንታ ኢያ። ካብ ድራማ ናይ ደቒ ሰባት ዝተሰርሑን ዘተከሩን ነዚ ኣርእስቲ ንኽትዝርዝሮ ግዜ ገደብ የብሉን፣ ፦ ፍርሒ፣ ፍቅሪ፣ ጅግንነት፣ ክሕደት፣ ምፍልላይ ከሙኡውን ምርኻብ።

እዛ ናይ ሕጂ ሕታም ብፍቕራዊ ዝትቕረጸ ብስእሊ ዝተሰነየ መጽሓፍ ኢያ። ኣንድርሰን ነዚ ዛንታ ን ቖልዑ ብዝጥዕምን ዝሰማመዓን መልክዕ እዩ ገሊጽዎ። እዚ ዛንታ ናብ ዝተፋላለዩ ቛንቛታት ተተርጊማ ኢያ ከሙኡውን ብኽልተ ዝተፋላለየ ቛንቛ ዝተጻሕፈ ሕታም መጽሓፍ ኣሎ።