The Wheat and the Weed

Ayodele Ajileye: The Wheat and the Weed
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Many folks have talked down Christianity and it makes it worrisome that their reasons are true. I guess the Kim Michaels' "I love Jesus, I hate Christianity" is still in play in our world due to the lifestyle of many Christians. Christianity is still not appealing for the hates, division, judgment, unforgiveness, and all sort that it most undoubtedly stands for. And it will never appeal to the world because it, religion as it is, is not what Jesus Christ brought to mankind. Christianity is that thorn or weed that Jesus spoke about... It is an illusion of the light and love the Christ lived and preached.

So, what really is the wheat and the weed? How did we emerge at the weed? How can we differentiate between the wheat and the weed? All these and more are what this book proffer answers to. Now I see why Jesus and the religious leaders of his time were always on each other's throat; it is the unending struggle between the wheat and the weed. Get to know how to recognize the weed so that you can always deal with it accordingly. 

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