The ultimate awakening through Tantra

Seema Anandi: The ultimate awakening through Tantra
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It's been more than 30 years and I feel blessed, to be in this path. Tantra is a divine science that will set you on fire from within. In this book you will go through the follwoing chapters that will reveal itself to you.

1:The essence of tantra

2:Types of tantra

3:kaula tantra

4:Mishra tantra

5:samaya tantra

6:How to choose your path in tantra

7:Invoking tripura sundari

8:The path of shakti

9:The Tibetan Buddhism relevance and types in tantra

10:Kriya tantra

11:Charya tantra

12:yoga tantra

13:Mandalas and mantras

14:The tantric offering

15:Inner tantric retreat

16:Tantric empowerment

17:Tantric sex

18:Invoking kali

19:Revealing Bhairava

20:Invoking the energies of Kalabhairava

21:The form of kalabhairava

I wish you a wonderful and deep learning experience.

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