The Shield

Kat Abad: The Shield
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Technology as a tool for kink. This is the idea behind the Shield. Author Kat Abad takes on BERLINABLE's Make Condoms Sexy challenge masterfully as she presents us with a gift of a wonderfully dirty imagination. In the story, she takes on the role of a deliciously savvy lesbian inventor, who comes up with the ultimate tool for safer sex: The shield – a condom designed to make things easier and better for everyone.

And what better way to put the Shield to test than to invite all of her friends of a personal try out? Abad brings a fresh story, tongue-in-cheek and flirtatious, which amps up the sexual tension we all have felt on a girls' night.

With a tale that focuses on the fun side of making sex safer, Abad takes us on a ride on a multitude of possibilities – from girl-on-girl action experienced by the protagonist, to some steamy bathroom straight sex her friend describes to her in detail, and a pipping hot gay scene among a friendly couple. All, of course, in the name of science and testing the Shield in all possible scenarios.

For World AIDS Day, BERLINABLE launched a challenge for authors worldwide; writing erotica to promote safer sex in a fun and positive way. The four winners of the MAKECONDOMSSEXY contest are diverse, well-written and delightful stories to advocate condom usage for sex-positive folks everywhere!

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