The Romeo Doomsquad

Wiley Zanzibar: The Romeo Doomsquad
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Wimbledon Champion and Men's Hand Model of the Year Runner-Up Wiley Zanzibar has done it again, this time from the world of pulp fiction excitement!

Welcome to 1939, where it's always 1939! Where the evil Dr. Kryopolis opens a doorway to the center of the universe unleashing Nazi death machines, alien invaders and Cthulhu himself! Only one handsome and well-rested man can save the day! Superspy Sullivan Strobe and his crack team of otherworldly adventurers! The drunk spaceman! The ridiculous robot! The lizard queen - What? Well, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were on the phone! You know I have to get this description done by tomorrow! Yeah? Well, I happen to think people like exclamation points, Helen! Of course the Kite Runner didn't have exclamation points, what's that have – oh, my GOD, how is this remotely like Santa Fe? I didn't even work that whole weekend! Oh, here we go. Leave! Just storm out and slam the – exactly. Exactly! Anyway. Where were we? Ah! ...THE ROMEO DOOMSQUAD!