The Recovered Narcissist

Peace Comes in Pieces

Mumin Godwin: The Recovered Narcissist
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My writing was channeled by Archangel Micheal and the Aeons.

I am a 38-year-old narcissist who loves to write. I like sharing my experiences, I hope it can help others as it did for me. I have read and watched videos about how horrible a narcissist can be as if we are only capable of abuse and ruining other's lives. I decided now is the time for me to speak up and stand up for other narcissists such as myself. 

How did I recover? I have spent years working on myself to understand my past and my internal wounds, I wanted to see what was a narcissist fullest potential. Did my personality disorder seal my fate, was I forever doomed with no hope?


Eventually, after my slow recovery, I realized that I was afraid to face what I was feeling. I was afraid to feel, this was the reason why I was very selfish. Holding ourselves back keeps us looking back at ourselves so that we avoid how we truly feel. This behavior only keeps us disconnected from others because we avoid paying attention to how others feel.

My spiritual practices lead me to experience genuine self-love, unconditional love then compassion for all life. I had no idea that I could reach a state of balance and harmony within. As a powerful empath, I began to see that the result of my inner work moved me to become a lightworker. My book is here to support those who feel lost or misguided by negative ideas. 

I know that every person has the potential to evolve to experience unconditional love and compassion, only if one genuinely chooses to. I never said that this would be easy because we are who we are. In time I realize that...Peace comes in Pieces. 

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