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peter delbridge: The Quiz
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The quiz is a book with some fun questions to get you thinking.

Do you know the worlds most popular number or its favourite number.

Hows your knowledge of the movies. Do you know which movie the line       "I'll be back"is from, or which one has the line "I'll have what shes having".

Or do you know which of the box office hits. made more, AVATAR or The 

INFINITY WARS, or was another the biggest.

Test you knowledge against your family and friends.

Songs the top ten, would you know their order. "Candle in the wind" by Elton John, "Hey Jude" The beatles" or "Another one bites the dust" by  Queen", where would these songs come in the list.

There are several categorys, with a list of 10 choices for you to try to determain which within the list is the worlds best, and those that are close behind.

Overall there are 11 fun questions that can get you 100 points. Test your Knowledge, and see how you rate on our scale...

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