The Professional's Guide To A Screwed Up Life

Tanay Choudhari: The Professional's Guide To A Screwed Up Life
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The reason for the existence of this book is to shine light upon the mental health crisis that any person can face. Keeping that in mind, the book has been written in a way as to never reveal the age, gender, race, or any other characteristics of the protagonist. This is to signify that the mental imbalance that the protagonist goes through, can occur to anyone regardless of who they are, or where they come from. The story revolves around a person, who lost their parents at quite a young age and never properly dealt with the aftermath of such a trauma. It captures the wellbeing of the protagonist as they finally succumb to the pain and face the mess that their life is. In-depth effects of an assortment of drugs, along with a dumb yet witty character, keeps the book a light read whilst delivering a perspective to the reader that is unique, yet is felt by most people on an everyday basis. A classic tale of revenge, mixed in perfect proportion with drama, dark humor, and surreal stupidity is what this book entails. Along with visions of different worlds, a train of thoughts that will leave you astonished, and a twisted ending that you might see coming from miles away.