The Price of Oil, Episode 5: Someone's Making a Killing in Nigeria (BBC Afternoon Drama)

Rex Obano: The Price of Oil, Episode 5: Someone's Making a Killing in Nigeria (BBC Afternoon Drama)
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Gelesen von: Obi Abili, David Ajala, Nadine Marshall
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Sprache: Englisch
Spieldauer: 44 Min.
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The Ogoni people's campaign against the environmental degradation of their land by the oil industry has crystallised into a mass movement. Under General Abacha's military regime, the dispute between the people led by Ken Saro-Wiwa on the one hand, and big oil on the other, is reaching its height - when one local businesswoman finds herself caught up in its notoriously violent consequences.

This drama uses fictional characters to reflect on real events, about which responsibilities are still disputed, and many details have never fully come to light. Nadine Marshall, Obi Abili, and David Ajala star in Rex Obano's drama, set in Rivers State, Nigeria, in 1994. One of a season of dramas exploring the history of oil - and the price we've paid for it.

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