The Nobel Peace Prize

The Turth Behind The Honor

Emil Bobi: The Nobel Peace Prize
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For more than a hundred years, the Nobel Prizes have been the world's most prestigious awards. But the annual announcement of the winners often provokes astonishment and disapproval. How can a prize for peace go to people who are widely considered war criminals? And why aren't actual peacemakers receiving the recognition they deserve?

Journalist Emil Bobi investigates the truth behind the Nobel Foundation's imperious grandstanding, asks uncomfortable questions about the treatment of Alfred Nobel's fortune and last wishes, and reveals the political motives underlying the award selection process.

A massive scandal is brewing beneath the award's shiny surface. Corrupt practices and accusations of funds mismanagement are jeopardizing the future of the illustrious award. A million-dollar lawsuit is underway and the powerful Nobel Foundation is nervously working all the angles to prevent investigations and even ban them by law. The authorities are trying their best to avoid dealing with the case.

It's time to scrutinize and reconsider a binational treasure. Emil Bobi traveled to Stockholm and Oslo to talk to awardees, foundation officials, politicians, regulators, advocates, and opponents. The result is a shocking tale of politics and crime.

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