The night is ours

Shadows of the past

Maria Spotlight: The night is ours
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Have you heard of them? The gruesom stories about the silent killers in the night, who approach their victims on inaudible steps to taste their blood? Or the beasts, which become giant wolves at full moon and tear whole flocks of sheep in their greed? The knowledge of them is enough for one coin and almost nobody knows where they came from and why they could outlast the times until today. To understand a story, you have to know its origin. Thus begins the story of the emergence of the three clans; the vampires, the werewolves and the witches, who hand in hand create their common realm. And then she is born. On a stormy night Larissa sees the light of day, the only mixed creature of vampire and werewolf, equipped with the powers of a witch. Between the everyday madness Larissa must not only keep her true form hidden, but also fight, because dark clouds have come up over the clans. More and more she becomes aware that the clan of witches, and thus their leader Claus, are playing a false game. Can Larissa, together with her family and friends, stop the conspiracy in time or has the threat already progressed too far? Immerse yourself in a dark world full of fantasy, excitement and adventures, the search for great love, but also power games, betrayal, bitter setbacks and bitter disappointments.

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