The Most Momentous Stories from the History of Unated States

Henrietta Elizabeth Marshall: The Most Momentous Stories from the History of Unated States
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Stories of Explorers and Pioneers

How the Vikings of Old Sought and Found New Lands

The Sea of Darkness and the Great Faith of Columbus

How Columbus Fared Forth Upon the Sea of Darkness and Came to Pleasant Lands Beyond

How Columbus Returned in Triumph

How America Was Named

How the Flag of England Was Planted on the Shores of the New World

How the Flag of France Was Planted in Florida

How the French Founded a Colony in Florida

How the Spaniards Drove the French Out of Florida

How a Frenchman Avenged the Death of His Countrymen

The Adventures of Sir Humphrey Gilbert

About Sir Walter Raleigh's Adventures in the Golden West

Stories of Virginia

The Adventures of Captain John Smith

More Adventures of Captain John Smith

How the Colony Was Saved

How Pocahontas Took a Journey Over the Seas

How the Redmen Fought Against Their White Brothers

How Englishmen Fought a Duel With Tyranny

The Coming of the Cavaliers

Bacon's Rebellion

The Story of the Knights of the Golden Horseshoe

Stories of New England

The Story of the Pilgrim Fathers

The Founding of Massachusetts

The Story of Harry Vane

The Story of Anne Hutchinson and the Founding of Rhode Island

The Founding of Harvard

How Quakers First Came to New England

How Maine and New Hampshire Were Founded

The Founding of Connecticut and War With the Indians

The Founding of New Haven

The Hunt for the Regicides

King Philip's War

How the Charter of Connecticut Was Saved