The Man From The Car Wash

Book One - The Darkness

Joseph P Hradisky Jr: The Man From The Car Wash
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This the first book of the Darkness trilogy. The concept is pretty simple. It is based on the idea of the conspiracy theorist. Gabrielle is a retired special agent who is now working a simple job at a car wash. Mainly for the idea he grew up on a lake and loves playing in water all day. The conspiracy begins with two groups trying to kill him as well as bring total, and absolute, control of the world led by them. Gabrielle just wants a peaceful life with his wife. To safely grow old with her. Some things just have a way of never happening.

In book one he sees the doorway opened by the group calling themselves the Darkness. He then teams up with an old enemy who is more hones, reliable, than a lot of his old teammates. Book one sets up the start of the fighting force to battle the monsters from the doorway. Even though this enemy is known Gabrielle knows he has to find the real enemy who is hidden and unknown. In reality the Darkness is a different form of the Illuminari. A centuries old cult who want to rule the world while remaining unseen.

Thank you for reading my book and I hope you enjoyed it very much.

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