The Making of the Great West (Illustrated Edition)

History of the American Frontier 1512-1883

Samuel Adams Drake: The Making of the Great West (Illustrated Edition)
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This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. "This history is intended to meet the want for brief, compact, and handy manuals of the beginnings of our country. In this volume, I have followed up to its legitimate ending the work done by the three great rival powers of modern times in civilizing our continent. I have tried to make it the worthy, if modest, exponent of a great theme. The story grows to absorbing interest, as the great achievement of the age."Contents: Three Rival CivilizationsThe SpaniardsAn Historic EraDe Soto's Discovery of the MississippiDeath and Burial of De SotoThe Indians of FloridaHow New Mexico Came to Be Explored"the Marvellous Country"Folk Lore of the PueblosLast Days of Charles V. And Philip Ii.Sword and Gown in CaliforniaThe FrenchWestward by the Great Inland WaterwaysThe Situation in a.d. 1672    Count FrontenacJoliet and Marquette    The Man La SalleLa Salle, Prince of Explorers    Discovery of the Upper MississippiThe Lost Colony: St. Louis of TexasIberville Founds LouisianaFrance Wins the PrizeLouis Xiv.The EnglishThe Bleak North-west CoastHudson's Bay to the South SeaThe Russians in AlaskaEngland on the PacificQueen ElizabethWhat Jonathan Carver Aimed to Do in 1766John Ledyard's IdeaA Yankee Ship Discovers the Columbia RiverThe West at the Opening of the CenturyBirth of the American Idea.America for Americans.Acquisition of LouisianaA Glance at Our Purchase    The PathfindersLewis and Clarke Ascend the Missouri    They Cross the Continent    Pike Explores the Arkansas Valley    New Mexico in 1807    Gold in Colorado.—a Trapper's Story    The Flag in Oregon    Louisiana Admitted 1812    The Oregon TrailThe Trapper, Backwoodsman, and EmigrantLong Explores the Platte Valley    Missouri and the Compromise of 1821    Arkansas Admitted 1836    Thomas H. Benton's Idea    With the Vanguard to OregonTexas Admitted    New Political Ideas    Iowa Admitted    The War With Mexico   …