The Madness Of Chaos

A Dorian White Saga

Joseph P Hradisky Jr: The Madness Of Chaos
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This is another book in the Dorian White / Wired For Peace stories. With all the political mumbo jumbo, rhetoric, as well as being politically correct it is time someone takes a stand for truth and justice. Dorian White represents a person whose only goal is to do just that. There are no boundaries, except justice, he will not cross. This was initially seen in his protection of docs without borders where he made sure certain warlords would never bother them again. Or any other organization for that fact. An underlying truth Dorian follows is the idea one should always play by the rules until the otherside does not. Then you play at their level only a lot better. Yet you never stoop to their level. He uses the idea perception is reality by making all he does openly is nothing but an illusion of what is really being done.

In this book he does show others exactly how far the illusion he uses goes. Even death can be used as an illusion to get people to react the way they really need to. Yet, in order to make the effect better, there are those who will be killed but done so because there was no other choice which could be pursued. Each situation is based soley on that situation. There is no profiling, which he hates, nor prejudice in any way one might try to use against his organization.

Thank you for reading my book and remember to pass on love to all those you meet. A smile goes a long way to bringing about the peace a true warrior is always seeking. One day there will come a time when they can lay down their sword knowing those, who need protecting, are finally safe. Then the warrior, eternal champion, will take up the plow again.

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