The Lonely Boy Who Wanted To Save The World

A Tale of The Awakening of A Consciousness

Vesuvius Percival: The Lonely Boy Who Wanted To Save The World
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And then it happened...

Born in the Sierra's of California, young Brandon by what seems like fate, came across something that would forever change his life. His consciousness awakening at the age of eleven, Brandon looked upon the world and realized the atrocities plaguing his people, the people of the world. Sparking a blaze, an inferno, inside of him, yet stuck between the onslaught of a sleeping society and the fiery need to do something about it, Brandon decided he would make a difference no matter how long it would take nor what difficulty it entailed. From that day forward he took a vow that would set his life on the path of knowledge and self-discovery.

This is his story.

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