The Humour of Saki - 150+ Tales & Sketches in One Edition (Illustrated)

Reginald, Reginald in Russia and Other Sketches, The Chronicles of Clovis, Beasts and Super-Beasts, The Toys of Peace and Other Papers, The Square Egg and Other Sketches, Dogged & Other Tales

H. H. Saki Munro: The Humour of Saki - 150+ Tales & Sketches in One Edition (Illustrated)
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This carefully edited collection of short stories has been designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.

Table of Contents


Reginald on Christmas Presents

Reginald on the Academy

Reginald at the Theatre

Reginald's Peace Poem

Reginald's Choir Treat

Reginald on Worries

Reginald on House-Parties

Reginald at the Carlton

Reginald on Besetting Sins

Reginald's Drama

Reginald on Tariffs

Reginald's Christmas Revel

Reginald's Rubaiyat

The Innocence of Reginald

Reginald in Russia

The Reticence of Lady Anne

The Lost Sanjak

The Sex that Doesn't Shop

The Blood-Feud of Toad-Water

A Young-Turkish Catastrophe

Judkin of the Parcels


The Saint and the Goblin

The Soul of Laploshka

The Bag

The Strategist

Cross Currents

The Baker's Dozen

The Mouse

The Chronicles of Clovis


The Match-Maker


Mrs. Packletide's Tiger

The Stampeding of Lady Bastable

The Background

Hermann the Irascible

The Unrest-Cure

The Jesting of Arlington Stringham

Sredni Vashtar


The Chaplet

The Quest


The Easter Egg

Filboid Studge, the Story of a Mouse that Helped

The Music on the Hill

The Story of St. Vespaluus

The Way to the Dairy

The Peace Offering

The Peace of Mowsle Barton

The Talking-Out of Tarrington

The Hounds of Fate

The Recessional

A Matter of Sentiment

The Secret Sin of Septimus Brope

"Ministers of Grace"

The Remoulding of Groby Lington

Beasts and Super-Beasts

The Toys of Peace and Other Papers

The Square Egg

Birds on the Western Front

The Gala Programme

The Infernal Parliament

The Achievement of the Cat

The Old Town of Pskoff

Clovis on the Alleged Romance of Business

The Comments of Moung Ka


The East Wing

The Almanac

The Pond

A Housing Problem

The Holy War

A Shot in the Dark

A Sacrifice to Necessity

The Westminster Alice