Frank Froest: The Grell Mystery

Including "The Maelstrom"

Frank Froest: The Grell Mystery
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The Maelstrom – Asked by a strange girl to deliver her package at an address, an innocent man is entangled in a murder case. What will become of him? Will he be saved or damned? The Grell Mystery – A groom-to-be is murdered just before his wedding and the Scotland Yard police is at large to find a mysterious woman who was seen with him last. But things are not so simple as they seem. Frank Castle Froest (1858-1930) was a British detective and crime writer. Frank Froest joined the Metropolitan Police as a police constable in 1879 and worked his way up to Superintendent of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Metropolitan Police from 1906 to his retirement in 1912. As one of the country's top detectives, he was involved in famous cases like Jameson Raid, arresting the jewel-thief 'Harry the Valet' and Dr. Crippen.