The Great Poets: William McGonagall

William McGonagall: The Great Poets: William McGonagall
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The idiosyncratic Scottish poet William Topaz McGonagall has the unusual reputation as one of the worst poets in the English language with rhymes and rhythms that produce mirth rather than wonder. His masterpiece is The Tay Bridge Disaster. Scottish-born Gregor Fisher, who starred in Love Actually and other film and TV programmes, reads the key poems and passages from the autobiography - and gets deep into character!

INCLUDED IN The Great Poets - William McGonagall

Tay Bridge Disaster

The Famous Tay Whale

The Burning of the People's Variety Theatre, Aberdeen

An Escursion Steamer Sunk in the Tay

The Wreck of the Steamer London while on her way to Australia

Loch Ness

A Descriptive Poem on the Silvery Tay

The Battle of Tel-el-Kebir

A Tribute to Mr J Graham Henderson, The World's Fair Judge

The City of Perth

The Royal Review: August 25 1881

An Ode to the Queen on Her Jubilee Year

Beecham's Pills

The Faithfull Dog Fido

The Albion Battleship Calamity

From Reminiscences

From A Brief Autobiography

From A Brief Autobiography 2

From A Brief Autobiography 3