The Fall and Fall of Collette

Angel Helen: The Fall and Fall of Collette
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       The story is unfortunately based on true events. I went through school with Collette but afterwards, we soon lost contact but kept meeting by chance from time to time over the passing years. Around 12 years later we met for what seems the final time.  I was totally amazed and shocked with how she had fallen from starting work with such a highly respectable job as a trainee beauty consultant to falling into such depths of sadness, fear and depravity.  This is her story, not mine.

       At School, Collette was so sweet, very innocent and so naive sexually and i will go through that briefly. She was fun to be with and so very well-liked by everyone.  She was bright and intelligent, she had the whole world at her pretty feet.  She had one slight flaw it seems that would slowly develop and finally engulf her after her 17th birthday, she developed a serious medical condition called 'Crazy' or as some would put it, 'off her freaking rocker!'

She slowly became a changed person, from sweet and innocent to totally, well and truly crazy! to the point of raving insanity.  From such a sweet and innocent slowly to the very pits of depravity and hell! 

How did this happen? Read her story.

Due to the story-line and nature of this book, some people may think that some passages are of a highly erotic nature.  It wasn't set out to be that way but it was totally unavoidable.

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