The Darkling Path

King/Queen D/S in a world of dark magic

Hansa Bosbach: The Darkling Path
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Psymon, driving his beloved car on a trip back home from military life, suffers a freak car accident eerily reminiscent of his father's strange encounter thirty years prior. He unwittingly stumbles upon a magical realm, to which he has a mysterious ancestral connection.

There, he encounters a beautiful woman, Deardra, who made a desperate pact with the fae, a the cruel masters of this land. Bound to him as her protector, she starts to reveal the truth about this realm, and how she came to be there. As slave to a relentless master, whose magic fed on her suffering, pain and pleasure became synonymous for her. As such, Psymon knows exactly how to please her…

Witty, eloquent and deeply atmospheric, this story transports the reader to a parallel world where magic rules and power is closely-guarded. Hansa Bosbach's eloquent and imaginative style will surprise and delight with its surreal touches, artful narrative and scorching hot sex.

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