The Chronicles of Undiscovered Worlds Under the Sea

The world of supernatural

Anna Anne Adoreflower: The Chronicles of Undiscovered Worlds Under the Sea
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Kender Marcello, a teenage boy who lived in the Island of Italy called Elba. An ordinary schoolboy who one day, after the school discovered an unusual situation in his house which was like his dreams and could not decide whether he was dreaming or was it happening in front of his eyes. He occurred to lose his consciousness steadily and quietly and fell on his knees as he could not set his foot forth. Someone from behind dragged him and flung into the Elba sea which was no less than throwing a coat across the desk. When Kender gained his, he discovered himself in some eerie forest where he met the most beautiful girl of his life, Donatella Damien and came across an undiscovered world under the sea. This world was totally unknown to the people of Earth. His life took a new turn when he met Donatella. Shortly, they bumped into the Giants Kingdom and the wardrobe shrouded them broke down and they tripped and stumbled down to another world. Unfortunately, Donatella was captured by the giants to fulfil a ritual and in her stay in the Giants Kingdom, she unearthed another secret of her life that she was a popular 'Violet' of the famous Violet family. On the other hand, Kender met Atticus, who helped him knowhis true self but Kender never believed that he was the last surviving Green. Greens and Violets are believed to be the oldest of supernatural families. Andrew Harington's coincidental encounter with Kender and Dona was marvelous and mysterious. He took them to Wands town and soon they were surrounded by werewolves, vampires, witches and other foreign creatures. Slowly but surely the mountain of secrets started unfolding. Unpredicted visit of Cyril brought devastation to all the twelve famous towns including Wands. He seized the council, the powerhouse of all the towns with the help of his followers.

Though Dona saved her mother from a glass prison, she had to surrender herself to Cyril to save Kender's sister's life. While invading the nearby houses transporting food to the 'New World', Kender and Atticus were dragged out to Dummer's Do by some unknown foresters. Atticus never stopped searching for his sister though he lost her at a tender age and the fact that her body was never found he would not accept his sister's death. His mother used to narrate stories relatable to them every night after their dinner –

"Night is dark and full of terrors,

So, you must not dare to be there,

If you long to live …"



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