The Chair

Hansa Bosbach: The Chair
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They meet in the cafe to talk about the BDSM club but slowly recognize that the real goal of the meeting was different. She was long looking for a dom and her hopes are high when she sees him taking over control.

After some tease and play and a couple of text messages in between, she completely submits to him and is invited for a play in his house. There, a long session of pleasure and torture takes place, where her limits are tested with a deep throat blowjob, bondage, multiple orgasms, anal sex, and much more - all accompanied by a sweet talk about what she can and can't endure.

Hansa Bosbach stories are an invitation, they are a subtle yet fascinating introduction to the world of BDSM. Keeping it on the edge, yet always respectful and considerate, Bosbach makes the games of submission attractive to a wider audience.

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