The Alternate Ending

Book four the final part in the Andy McPhee Series

Kenn Gordon: The Alternate Ending
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I grew up in the Highlands of Scotland and I became a musician while still at School. Then I made my first musical instrument at the age of just 13 years, an Appalachian Dulcimer. I joined the Royal Air Force at the age of 18. I served for 9 years and worked at many of our secret establishments. Even during my military career, I continued to play in bands as well as to write music. When time would allow, I made guitars for myself, although most of these ended up in my friend's hands. With the bands that I formed and played in; I have been fortunate enough to have recorded 32 albums. I later formed my own company making bespoke guitars (Gordon Guitars UK) The pressure of running so many ventures simultaneously eventually took its toll and a series of heart attacks followed. So, I looked for a new and more sedate way to direct my creative juices and writing thrillers fitted that bill perfectly.

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