Taken by Berlin

An Erotic Dystopian Fiction

Nicolas Scheerbarth: Taken by Berlin
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This is the hottest Berlin novel I have read so far. A very crass vision of our future and a Berlin I would love to live in: tropical temperatures, wild life, nice people, relaxed atmosphere, good sex.

The story: At the end of our century a boy comes with his parents from the Ukraine to Germany. Into an insane world full of sex and violence. His name: Joschi Silajev.

In the year 2139 he is a council of the European Union. The human civilization is as good as perished. Only in China, some regions of Europe, South America and Arabia there are still remains of order. Joschi Silajev is kidnapped and finds himself in the hands of an Amazon combat group. They come from a place that everyone thinks is lost: Berlin. There, the next ones who want to kill him are already waiting for him. But also other fascinating women, erotic adventures, intricate intrigues, the love of his life... and the realization that here lies the last hope of mankind.

Would you like an excerpt? You got it: "Only a few meters next to him on a big old couch, a lively group of three is busy with each other without any inhibitions. At first he thinks he recognizes three boys who are running around stark naked on each other. Young, bony, slender figures, who with obvious joy and tenderness are occupied with each other and their bodies... but one of them is a girl, with flat chest, sinewy muscles like her friends, easily mistaken for a boy in the dark."

With this novel, you are already thinking about the day after tomorrow.

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