Edgar Rice Burroughs: Synthetic Men of Mars

Edgar Rice Burroughs: Synthetic Men of Mars
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Synthetic Men of Mars Edgar Rice Burroughs - Synthetic Men of Mars is a science fantasy novel by American writer Edgar Rice Burroughs, the ninth of his Barsoom series. It was first published in the magazine Argosy Weekly in six parts in early 1939. The first complete edition of the novel was published in 1940 by Edgar Rice Burroughs,This is the ninth book in the Barsoom series. With a brand new character as its protagonist: Vor Daj, a padwar (warrior) from Helium, John Carter, mighty Warlord of Mars, rides to new and terrifying adventures. Captured by deadly warriors mounted on huge birds he is taken to the city of Morbus. There he meets Ras Thavas, evil genius and master surgeon. A man who has succeeded in his nightmare wish of creating life in his own beings - creatures that ultimately rebel and threaten the lives of Ras Thavas, of John Carter and all of Mars.No 9 in the Barsoom series.

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