Sweaters Without Borders

A simple hobby can reach across the globe

Jacqui Davey: Sweaters Without Borders
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District Nurse Jenny is still grieving after the tragic death of her firefighter husband, Steve, in a fire 18 months ago. One evening, Jenny goes to the attic to clear out some of Steve's items and finds her late Aunt Sue's knitting bag, which she took on her overseas nursing trips, containing a child's sweater pattern and a pair of old needles. The memories of her aunt's altruism cause Jenny to purchase some wool and try knitting a small sweater herself, despite being a hopeless knitter at school, and donate this garment to a student doctor setting off to Sudan for a medical elective. At a large refugee camp clinic, young medical student Claire issues the sweater to a young injured girl, setting in motion a personal journey of charity and growth for Jenny - but where will that journey end?

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