Structural Analysis of Relationship

Ayodele Ajileye: Structural Analysis of Relationship
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Life is all about relationship. In whatever sphere of life, the ability to relate well is synonymous to living well. A good business person for instance is termed good if he is able to relate financial data properly with human wants. A good family person is defined by how well he relates with his/her family member, and so on.

As true as life is all about relationship, how come life is mostly chaotic? At least our so messed up world is a prove of messed up lives. This is because relationships are messed up mostly for not understanding the concept of a good relationship. This book reveals what a good relationship looks like and how it is operated.

Of course, Ayodele can't tell you how to relate with others, and I love that about this book like several of his other books. He explains all that a relationship entails which you, like everyone else, are already practicing but mostly subconsciously. He brings the practices to bare so that you can consciously operate your life through relationship better.

I really believe that you would love to read this book over and over again and share with your family and friends.

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