Soul on Fire. True Life Manifesto

Wake up and live your full potential!

Veit Lindau: Soul on Fire. True Life Manifesto
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This is our uninhibited declaration of love

to the good, the true and the beautiful in people.

In a world like ours, it is easier to become skeptical or even cynical,

instead of keeping one's heart open even if it breaks.

Please do not confuse us with naïve optimists.

Our confidence is not based on

anxious hope or blind faith.

Our trust is a choice.

It is the boldest and most intelligent choice

we are capable of.

Our call is a declaration of love to life

and a wake-up call for the rebel

who lies dormant in every person.

It is our contribution to the unleashing of your power.

Nothing is too good to be true.

You want to know who we are?

Let our words accompany you

in your wild, silent heart.

This is where you will find us.

The Rebels of Spirit

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