Song of the Sea

A Magical Mermaid Seduction

J.A. Thomas: Song of the Sea
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Michael is left shattered and empty after his wife leaves him suddenly. His sorrow and resentment build up, and on a whim, he decides to take his beloved boat at sea to wander freely through the waters.

After days of solitude and heartbreak, strange things start happening. Could it be just his imagination or is he really hearing a dazing song attracting him to the ocean? Suddenly, Michael finds himself lost in international waters, cut off from all communication at land.

But things take a fantastic turn when he finds three beautiful and mysterious creatures. Their ethereal, strange charm seem like trouble... Yet Michael can't resist.

In Song of the Sea, J.A. Thomas stuns yet again with his talent for fantasy erotica, creating a whimsical and sexy tale like nothing you've ever seen.

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