Something Is Always Right

Melissa Sullivan: Something Is Always Right
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Troubled by the apparent necessity of accepting others views of her struggles, the girl's anger at being placed on the spectrum and given treatment forms a solid trauma identity. Unable to see herself at the same level as her peers, and overwhelmed by the expectations of living in a modern world, she struggles with emotional pain. Granted enrollment at the Corwin-Russell School, she cowers under tables and paces in the corners. Feeling accepted by a handful of teachers and students, she rises to excell as a student, an athlete, and a girl who wants to just be.

  She is thrilled to be at college, is a varsity athlete and a core part of student groups, but she cannot tell people about her time in school before college. The sense of triumph of being at college is covering an uneasy question. Why can't I talk about this? One day, she tries to talk about it straight on with her new therapist. 

. She goes into a trance and has an incredible journey to give her greater sight.  In the days that follow, she is overcome by one of the migraine episodes she has had before, but this one does not go away. Finally, she accepts a need to change her whole mindset and embark on a journey of physical healing.

She faces the version of the story that she was avoiding, and takes actions to reclaim her whole life.. Siezing the power of a farm girl and nature lover,  she accepts the feeling of pressure that she must live by the power of her own views.. She moves beyond the ideas that she is special and talented while also inherently different and deficient. She can live with the curse of medication or psychology theories no longer. Fending off the doubts of her loving parents and friends, she chooses answers that unify doubts and confidence.

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