Sleep Tight, Little Wolf – Qongchu', ngavyaw' mach (English – Klingon)

Bilingual children's book, with audio

Ulrich Renz: Sleep Tight, Little Wolf – Qongchu', ngavyaw' mach (English – Klingon)
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Gelesen von: Sefa Agnew, Lieven L. Litaer, Gemma Martin
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Bilingual children's book (English – Klingon), with audio

Tim can't fall asleep. His little wolf is missing! Perhaps he forgot him outside? Tim heads out all alone into the night – and unexpectedly encounters some friends…

"Sleep Tight, Little Wolf!" is a heart-warming bedtime story. It has been translated into more than 50 languages and is available as a bilingual edition in all conceivable combinations of these languages.

♫ Listen to the story in both languages, read by native speakers!

► NEW: With pictures to color! A download link in the book gives you free access to the pictures from the story to color in.

QonglaHbe' tIm. ngavyaw'Daj mach HutlhtaH! HurDaq 'oH chIl'a'? nIteb ram qaD tIm – ghIq juppu'Daj ghom 'e' pIHbe'ba'…

DuQbogh najmoHwI' 'oH "Qongchu', ngavyaw' mach!" lut'e'. lutvam mughlu'meH vaghmaH Holmey lulo'lu'ta'. 'ej lut laDmeH Hol chang'eng cha'bogh paq chenmoHmeH Hoch Holmeyvetlh'e' cha' wIvlaH laDwI'.

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