Shame On Me!

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Mumin Godwin: Shame On Me!
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My writings were inspired by ArchAngel Michael


This book is not about what is good or what is bad, it's about how humans conform to their societies. Opening up to higher awareness change perceptions. We then self actualize our truth.

I was once a slave to my own matrix codes. The brain is like a computer, it writes programs from external stimuli, then we follow. This way we keep experiencing the same things every day, mundane. The glue to the third dimension of awareness is shame.

As long as the power-hungry can keep the masses in shame, keep citizens trying to avoid self embarrassment, they will keep control. Believe it or not, this system is falling apart. We are all moving to a higher awareness.

Humanity is just following the rules, what seems normal because everybody is doing it, get in line to avoid not fitting in. TV and other popular media teach us what is reality. Anything outside of society's program, like certain groups, jobs, and religion are bad, scary or evil.

This is why some try hard to fit in. I asked myself, why am I so ashamed? What do I do now since I am liberated?

This book can help you move up to the 4th and higher dimensions of love, this is where love moves us to experience self-liberating experiences. Without Shame of self, we are left with unconditional love for who we are. When we fully express our light which is who we are, this will bring us good fortune, good health, wealth and infinite abundance.

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