Sensual Sufferings - Episode 1

An intense queer BDSM story with watersports

Anoushka Lee: Sensual Sufferings - Episode 1
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Lelo and Ara are here to prove love happens outside of the box. Their Dom/sub, non-binary, caring bond is so endearing, you'll catch yourself falling in love with them and with you could have the same dynamic in your relationships.

While Lelo is anxious and preoccupied, Ara comes as a soothing presence, taking control in a loving but firm manner. Everything that Lelo needs. After a stressful week, the tension is high. Not only from the nonsense at work - but also the anxiety Lelo feels about Ara's feelings towards her.

The answer comes in the best way: A stroll with a collar to have Lelo squirming, and then a hard, intense BDSM session in the shower that leaves them both reeling.

Brilliantly written, Sensual Sufferings is deliciously tongue-in-cheek and impossibly spicy. An erotic dream come true.

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