Searching Fifty Shades Of Grey

Audrey Ellis: Searching Fifty Shades Of Grey
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Close your eyes and imagine that in your life; you will never see again! How would your world change? Would you face your life with courage

and determination or would you rely on others for the rest of your life. All May ever needed was to be with the blind boy she'd fallen in love with. Desperate for freedom she elopes. She knows that she must take a leap of faith

if she is to ever have the chance of love and of freedom; but there are obstacles to smash down. She is certain that together the world will really be their oyster; but will it?

Our true story begins in the late forties, when the world disabled people faced was so much more challenging, and ends in the present with the author still seeking answers…maybe you can help her!

"It really is a journey of love, hate and

compassion; writing that touches the heart."

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