School is not enough

Go to school and see beyond

Adebayo Akinrinola: School is not enough
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The importance of Education can not be over emphasized in any modern society.Every child has a right to formal Education,the school is an institution specifically structured to provide access to formal education.

In today's world,credentials are very important but yet having credentials is not enough,there are many people who have formal education to University level and the necessary credentials but yet they are living a life void of purpose, Fulfilment and Financial stability,there are also many who have graduated from good schools and still struggle financially.

This book will show you the importance of formal education and also teach you how to expand your horizons beyond the four walls of an institution.Many are caged by their fancy degrees and they are unable to recognize opportunities because they fail to realize that learning is a continuous process and a critical part of life that is not limited to the school system and acquisition of credentials.

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