Roommate from Hell

Hallowedspell Vimp Novel: Book 9

Julie Steimle: Roommate from Hell
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College, finally!

Separate dorm rooms for Eve and Dawn McAllister. Oh, happy day!

Only Dawn ends up on the sixth floor, room number sixty-six with an annoying Bible extremist for a roommate who has suspicions that Eve is not human.

Which is true.

But that doesn't give the girl the right to go on a rampage to 'save' Dawn from Eve's 'demonic power'! After all, Eve is playing it by the book. For starter's, as a demon, Eve has to register with the local SRA (Supernatural Regulator's Association) representative as well as the police.

Unfortunately, the police are tracking a rash of brutal murders--all of them college girls and Eve is the first one they suspect.

How can even possibly prove she is innocent when there is so much evidence against her? And where will she fit in time to surf?

The novel in its entirety.....

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