Retta, Mongo and Me

Misadventures At Their Finest!

David Harder: Retta, Mongo and Me
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This collection of 23 short stories has something for everyone. These are stories about growing up in the midwest and using a younger brother as a "science experiment" in "The Tire Swing Incident" and then later in "Daredevils in a Barrel". There are stories where the author's best friend, Mongo, creates havok by jinxing projects in "The Friendly Jinx" and using his brute strength to get them both in trouble in "An Order of Reeboks - Hold The Ketchup". 

Of course his wife, Retta, gives her input in "It Only Has to Work Once", keeps the author on his toes in "Fishing Married Style", and confuses him in "Presto Chango". 

In this book we also learn "How a Bass Boat Can Enhance a Marriage" and the finer points of grilling in "Cooking With Fire". 

The macho venture into cutting down trees in "Call Me Paul" paints such a graphic picture that you can almost smell the sawdust when you catch your breath from laughing. If you enjoy quick short stories that are sure to bring a chuckle or outright laughter then this book is for you.

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