a tender encounter with a look-alike

Jordan Black: Reflector
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The café down the street. Another day writing. A simple mocha order or so Jordan thinks. When the barista calls out her name, another hand reaches. The other person - her exact double except their style's just a bit edgier and their name is shortened to 'Jo'.

The mix-up turns into a meet-cute. The two learn more about each other over coffee and the conversation moves between the rational question of potential shared biology to the magic of our imagination and the creative forces we all possess to make our wildest dreams come true. As if lovers, they talk until close.

Their walk home turns into a sprint through the rain. Things gets even weirder when Jo takes Jordan back to her building - it just so happens to be Jo's address as well, what a bizarre coincidence. Inside, the border between them dissolves and the two identical bodies warm in the shower, and then fall into bed, both consenting to the passion of a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

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