Red Haze

Rebecca Ridge: Red Haze
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On Valentine's Day, every couple makes each other's dreams come true. For this couple, it means a night in the dungeon where intimate secrets expressed in the safety of a home bed become a reality, however frightening or extraordinary they might be.

What a mother of two always dreamt about comes true in the dark-lit dungeon where the two men take the reins over all her body parts. First, she is showcased in her revealing outfit to the crowd, then she is severely punished for her disobedience. Finally, her wild dream of double penetration comes true. And yet, she could not wish for a better Valentine's Day present.

For Valentine's Day, BERLINABLE launched a challenge for authors worldwide - writing secluded tales of sexual indulgence. The winners of the NAUGHTYCUPID contest present the world of love that is sensual, exciting, and diverse.

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