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They are the best-trained infiltration unit in America.  Commanded by a highly decorated D.E.A. strike team leader, the Falcon Unit has been formed to bring down America's highest level drug cartels.

                After a year and a half of intense training, the group is stunned when their first official assignment didn't send them to the hardcore cities of Los Angeles, New York, or Miami but the golden paved streets of Whitfield, Georgia; America's newest destination for the famous and super wealthy.

                When a connected drug trafficker and his bodyguards are executed by the leaders of the local street gangs, and America's most notorious murderous criminal family prepares to send a professional death squad to the Emerald City of the South. The police chief seeks out the Falcon Unit for help. 


                Among the fancy cars, million dollars homes, and high price fashions, the group gets thrown into a world of vicious killers who are protected by their families fortunes. Their actions kept under wrap by a corrupt city council, and the local law enforcement which seems to admire them.  

The Falcon Unit's mission is not to arrest the members of the street gangs but something even more impossible.


                Will Tonya White and the rest of her team be able to pull the improbable or will the luxurious streets of Whitfield soon run red with the blood of its young and privilege?

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