Qabalistic Doctrines On Sexual Polarity

Builders Of The Adytum

Ann Davies: Qabalistic Doctrines On Sexual Polarity
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There is a fundamental impulse within you to seek understanding, wisdom, true knowledge of yourself, nature, and the universe. The Mystery Schools are and always have been the repositories of special knowledge that is the key to the realization of all that you seek. It is our objective to place this key in the hands of those who are ready to receive and act upon it. This special knowledge enables you to know yourself and your creative powers, and to make for yourself the kind of world you want to live in. The problems that you face in life are not really obstacles, but like a closed door to a room that holds special knowledge. B.O.T.A. gives you the key that will unlock the problem doors of your life, and in their opening, your health, prosperity, and the mastery of your life and environment will increase

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